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“The secret to success in any field is to find what successful people do, think about and act on, and do the same.” – Anthony Robbins

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No 3 Putts

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Property Managers

Spiritual Leaders

Physicians in Transition

Financial Planners

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Millionaire Women

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Video Marketing Pioneers

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Professional Speakers

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Athletes over 50

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Young Entrepreneurs by Nick Tart & Nick Scheidies

Young Entrepreneurs

Successful Job Seekers

Attraction Marketers

Successful Franchisees

Each 50 Interviews title allows you to connect with top professionals at an intimate level. You’ll  benefit from the collective wisdom and and receive top notch mentoring.  Wondering what it’s really like to be _____?  Get a rare glimpse as these successful individuals share candidly what it takes to succeed.

Each 50 Interviews book title is determined by the author who chooses the career they would like to explore in depth.  By interviewing top professionals in that field, you gain a glimpse into the vital mindset of those successful in your field of choice, and then use that knowledge to take you one step closer to your own definition of success.

50 Interviews provides a powerful structure to surround yourself with those you admire to achieve desired results. Readers gain insight, inspiration, collective wisdom, and best practices directly from those who have already succeeded. Authors surround themselves with those they admire, gain clarity of purpose, adopt critical beliefs, and build a network of peers to ensure success in their next career choice. Each 50 Interviews title is guaranteed to be relevant, practical, empowering, and timely.

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Learn the truth about the challenges and the rewards of whatever field interests you.  Gain valuable advice from people who were once in your shoes.  If you don’t make a change now, will you ever?

Sure you have doubts, but how else will you learn everything about pursuing that dream job? Your interviews will shed light on what has inspired and driven others to follow their dreams and how those dreams have manifested for them. It is a way to collect over 50 new mentors who might inspire you and prove that anything is possible, and then you can share that knowledge with the world through your own publication.

50 Interviews is a showcase of people living their dreams, and enjoying the payoff that results from taking the leap to explore something they are truly passionate about!

50 Interviews is for those who want to put their thoughts into action by modeling those who already have. Standing on the shoulders of giants; before you walk in the shoes of those admire, you must first stand on their shoulders. Consider the value you will receive from getting a glimpse into the real world experiences of those who have gone before.
Join each author of 50 Interviews, as they to learn the truth about the challenges and the rewards that exist on the other side of each challenge. Get advice from people who were once in your same shoes. If you don’t make that jump now, when will you ever? If there has always been something stopping you, a fear in the back of your mind keeping you from achieving your dreams, these books aim to show you a way to break free. The interviews shed light on what inspires and drives the ordinary, everyday hero. It is a collection of over 50 role models who inspire others and prove that anything is possible and provide some timely mentoring in their interview. These role models show by example that each of us has a gift to make a difference in our own unique way. 50 Interviews is a showcase of people living their dreams and enjoying the payoff that results from taking the leap in something they are truly passionate about.

Very few books these days combine short vignettes with powerful direct impacts that can be used immediately. The ROI for 50 Interviews is two minutes tops. Brian’s formulaic approach enables the reader to extract the collective insight and experience of 50 divergent entrepreneurs. His dialogue throughout the book allows us to vicariously ask the questions we would have wanted to ask any successful entrepreneur and learn succinctly what worked for them. -Michael R. Webb, Co-Founder, Aubice LLC

Passion is the spark, inspiration the fuel !

The secret to making decisions that lead to success is to first go to work on your beliefs. If you do not already possess the essential beliefs, you can adopt them by surrounding yourself with those who do.  Whether you read these books or perform the interviews yourself, you will find as all of my authors have, the powerful impact of standing on the shoulders of giants to reinvent yourself one interview at a time, and then change your future!sig