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Imagine a university where not only does each student get a text book custom tailored to the curriculum  they personally designed, but where each student actually becomes the author of their own text book!

The mission of 50 Interviews, Inc. is to provide aspiring, passionate, motivated life changers a framework and support group to achieve their dreams.You’ll learn what it takes to be the best in your new field from those who are most successful!    Our ideal candidate is someone who wants to become a recognized expert in their field.You will then be teamed up with others who share your passion and learn firsthand how the 50 Interviews Concept works to transform you into that which you aspire to be.  Learn how to rewrite your future one interview at at time!

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Each author is provided the tools,  coaching and access to experts in their field of interest. From them you will learn what it takes to be successful and break down barriers to see the truth of what it means to find success in your chosen profession. The 50 Interviews Process will launch you on a journey of self-discovery, talking with others who share your passion, while offering you lots of support, as you cross over from dreaming to living your dream.

You may also quickly discover if your dream is what you thought it was going to be, providing important feedback which may completely change your journey.   You will then know if that which you aspire to be, is indeed your life’s purpose so you can know whether you are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to proceed.

Consider how many people pursue something, put in years of education and make sacrifices only to find, when they finally arrive, that their dream is not what they had hoped for and must then abandon it all together.Examples are everywhere.  A teacher spends five years in college for the proper credentials, only to learn that teaching is not for her.   It’s not at all what she thought it would be like.   A lawyer spends eight years in school only to find he hates the profession.

The point of the 50 Interviews process is to help you gain a new perspective.   It is also designed to help you learn what it takes to be successful, make essential new contacts in your chosen profession, and see the distinctions between those who are most successful and those who cannot make it in a profession and why.

You’ll have the unique privilege of learning from the most successful, most experienced people in your area of interest. Along the way, you’ll learn the resources they’ve found most helpful. You’ll tap into valuable insights like ‘things that I wished I would have known when I was in your shoes, just starting out’. At the completion of the 50 Interviews Process, you’ll have all the cliff notes necessary to start your new career.   You’ll be an expert because you’ve written your own “‘best practices” guide and captured the wisdom of 50 experts. This framework is unique because by the end, you will have gained over 500 years of personal experience.

50 Interviews: Entrepreneurs was the pilot, and is the evidence that you will be transformed through the process of interviewing others who have already arrived at a destination you seek. By joining a community of other authors, you receive support through a shared vision and through a collaborative effort.  Spawning ideas and possibilities far greater than one can imagine.

Our next academy is scheduled begin in July 2014.  You can learn more here.

Remember – There are certain things in life you can only know by creating them for yourself!

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